Meet our lovely mascot, Eri! She was brought to life by the artist, Red Alchemy! Eri plays a major role in bringing the spirit of Titan Con to life! You can learn more about her story here and how she landed a special place in our hearts!

Over the months designing her, Eri's current appearance stayed true to her initial design. Eri's hair used to be tied up in a ponytail with a blue bow. The bow was also much larger to help imitate the appearance of a pair of elephant ears. She wore thigh-high, striped, orange socks and a black glove over her right hand. The colors we chose for her color palette are CSUF's school colors. Her overall character came to be of a young, energetic college student with a passion for all current pop culture trends.

In designing Eri, we wanted to create someone that we can all relate to in some way. She ended up being a lively, charismatic individual who easily brings a smile to your face. Her many outfits and hobbies helped bring her personality to life. Whether she was playing video games, cosplaying, singing, hanging out with friends, creating art, or even enjoying a snack, Eri embodied the joy we experienced when we came together with our friends at our favorite cons.

We hope you all enjoyed Eri just as much as we enjoyed making her! To help you get to know her, we created a time line of her personal life. Starting from the moment she was born, to the day she joined us on the Titan Con team!


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