CSUF Titan Con Polices and Conduct

To ensure the safety of everyone, we require that all guests, attendees, and staff adhere to the following Prop Weapon Policy. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE)

Prop Weapons Policy

Your participation in the Event means that you agree to comply with this Weapons Policy. You further understand and agree that, for your own safety and the safety of everyone at the Event, Con Ops has the absolute and immediate right to inspect your costumes, prop weapons, and any other item you bring to the Event. We may temporarily or permanently remove any attendee at any time for violating our Weapons Policy - because your safety, and the saftey of everyone else, is our top priority.

  1. Absolutely no functional weapons are permitted. These include, but are not limited to: laser pointers, live ammunition, nun chucks, sharp blades, firearms, explosives, incendiaries, pepper spray, brass knuckles, whips, wooden/metal bats, power tools, clubs, metal pole-arms, bows, arrows, or any weapon that is illegal in the state of California.

  2. Prop-firearms are absolutely prohibited from the event. Props that resemble guns of any kind, including fictional one, are also prohibited from the event. These include, but are not limited to: airsoft guns, nerf guns, electronic blasters, collectible replicas, water guns, dart guns, toy guns, etc. If it looks like a gun, it will not be permitted at the event. Leave any prop-fire arm at home. DO NOT bring any prop-firearm to the university. 

  3. Prop bows must be unstrung. Arrows must have blunt heads.

  4. Sword like weapons cannot be made of live steel, solid wood, or dense plastic.

  5. All prop weapons must be checked at the designated prop-check location or by a staff peace bonder.

  6. After inspection, props will be peace bonded and tagged by convention staff.

  7. Do not swing any prop weapon in an unsafe manor.

  8. Over-sized props are not allowed indoors. 

  9. Prop Weapons may not poses sharp points or edges.

  10. Convention staff reserves the right to prohibit a prop even if not in violation of the above guidelines, if deemed unsafe.