Attention Artists! 

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Eri Fan Art Contest! Show us how you would interpret our Titan Con mascot in your artistic style. We're looking to see how she can be drawn incorporating different themes including anime, gaming, comics, and other forms of pop culture. We are keeping an eye out for entries that show diversity in these genres. The contest is open to everyone and will be judged by Eri-chan’s original artist, Red Alchemy. He’s a game artist for Polygon Pixel. Check him out on his social media through the links below!

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Fan Art Contest General Rules

To enter, send an image of your art to Use the hashtag #titanconeri to promote your art! 


  1. The subject must be Eri-chan, this is an Eri Fan Art contest after all. 

  2. Art Medium: 2D Illustration, including on paper and digital media.

  3. The content must be PG-13, no nudes and no lewds.


  • 1st place – a free badge to Titan Con 2018, and the option to use your art on official posters and signs (not being sold), and the option for a free table at the artist alley. 

  • 2nd place – free badge to Titan Con 2018.

The Contest will be open from April 12 to May 12. To help get you started, here are some reference pictures of Eri below. Best of luck to everyone!