CSUF Titan Con Polices and Conduct

To ensure everyone's safety, we require that all attendees, artists, guests, and staff adhere to the following Code of Conduct. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE)

Titan Con Code of Conduct

The following policies are enforced at the event and its surrounding perimeters, including the parking lots and structures:

  1. Titan Con wristband/passes must be worn and visible at all times.

  2. Attendees must be appropriately clothed. Shoes are required at all times.

  3. Lewd, offensive behavior, and profanity are strictly prohibited.

  4. Lewd or offensive material on clothing, cosplay, merchandise, or displays are strictly prohibited.

  5. No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises.

  6. Smoking and vaping are both prohibited at CSUF.

  7. Pets (with the exception of service dogs) are not permitted indoors without Con-Ops permission. Permits can be acquired at Con-Ops. Pets must be house-trained, curbed, and pose no safety hazard. 

  8. Do not crowd hallways; avoid sitting or posing for photos in the middle of walkways, or heavily trafficked areas.

  9. Zero Tolerance for harassing, assaulting, threatening, or behaving inappropriately to another person. Local authorities will be contacted and offenders will be removed from the event, and prosecuted law enforcement

  10. Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. No unsolicited hugging, touching, or photography is permitted. Local authorities will be contacted and offenders will be removed from the premises and prosecuted by on site law enforcement.

  11. Cosplay does not mean consent. Do not hug, touch, or take photos of cosplayers unless given explicit permission.

Violation of the Code of Conduct policies is grounds for immediate loss of your event wristband/pass and serious violations are grounds for banning you from coming to future events and local authorities being contacted.